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Men’s Dingo Dean Leather Boot

Rumor has it that a pair of Dingo Day Men’s leather boots cost less than a set of shoes for you horse — and, you get a lot more than your horse does for the money, What might that be, you’re asking?

Well, for one, you get a good piece of quality leather that’s cut to perfect size, then formed into a hardy tall shafted engineer style boot with an oil resistant sole, a square dogger heel and an admiring look from your friends and co workers who wish they had a pair of boot lust like yours.

Since you’re not the kind of guy who likes to keep things to yourself, you have no problem sharing the source of your fine foot fashions. Yeah, tell the rest of the gang where you got your boots and the rest of your cool cowboy stuff too. Tell them about JC Western, where the cowboy look reigns supreme

Even if your buds aren’t cowboys, they will look damn good riding their Harleys, revving their engines and wearing almost anything they can find at JC Western, especially their new Dingo Day Men’s leather boots.

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