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Women’s Dingo Roni Buffalo Leather Boots Style # DI792

Women’s Dingo Roni Buffalo Leather Boots Style # DI792

For less than a great dinner for two and a good restaurant, you can own a pair of all leather leather boots from Dingo. We’re not talkin regular old leather. We are referring to leather made from the tough hide of authentic buffalo skin.

view-item-nowThese boots have a hinged, flexible insole that moves and flexes with every step to go along with a seven inch leather shaft. Many women find hat combination more comfortable and better suited to their way of living. The toes are rounded and plain, while the shafts feature subtle markings up their entire length. You will love the tall western style heels that offer just enough empasis and style to your presence. While the boots are not at all pretentious, they will go well and match up nicely with many of your western dress elements. They are the right boot for many occasions.

There is something else that we have found that appeals to a lot of our value conscious female friends and shoppers … the price. At just a bit over 100 dollars, you can be strutting your stuff or relaxing quietly in the background enjoying your new Roni Buffalo boots.



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