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HOLIDAY SPECIAL!! Ladies Durango Slouch Boots for $134.98

Your boots may slouch but you won’t when you get into a pair of “HOLIDAY SPECIAL!! Ladies Durango Slouch Boots for $134.98!”. These attractive distressed tan leather boots combine elements of high fashion with the relaxed appearance of a comfortable pair of great knock around boots.

Picture yourself in a pair of these trend setting boots, complete with their cowgirl heels, 11 inch slouch shaft and attractive metal toe rand. You’ll have your friends drooling with envy as you set off in a different direction than most of your boot wearing crowd.

Some gals like to be different. They are the trendsetters you find in every group. If you consider yourself to be an exemplary fashion leader, rather than a follower these boots add a conclusive exclamation point to your style.

Right now, at this exact place and time, just before the holidays officially begin, you can take advantage of JC Western’s “HOLIDAY SPECIAL Ladies Durango Slouch Boots for the unheard of price of $134.98, a price so low it can almost make you want to cry.

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