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Sultry Slouch Boots By Durango

Women’s Durango Sultry Slouch Boots

What’s in a name. We guys must be a little slow on the uptake. It took a while before it registered as to just why Durango named these sultry boots the way they did. We are not exactly slouches when it comes to boot fashions but it did take us awhile to catch on. After we had a good look at a pair, we could see how the name came to be.

view-item-nowThe silver-tipped, narrow, square toe and the 2-1/4” fashion heel add that little bit of “you know what” to these midnight black leather boots. We men folk think they will look great with a full flared western skirt or a pair of cut-off jean shorts. But, that’s just the way guys think. Females have their own way of figuring stuff out. The truth is, that you all know what’s best and no matter how or what you wear with these Durango Sultry Slouch boots, you will look great.

If you buy a pair of these Durangos boots at the special JC Western Wear online price, you can save an additional $15. The sooner you buy, the quicker you can slouch.

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