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Flag Boots & Apparel

You won’t believe the selection of Flag Boots & Apparel available at JC Western.Starting at the bottom with your your choice of American Flag boots in several styles and boots to a whole lot of styles with rebel flags, we have you covered. We have them for men as well as for women — and, we have flag boots for the little guys and gals too.

Rebel and American flag shirts and tees for men and women in a full range of sizes are in stock. So are caps and western hats with rebel bands, Accessories like wallets and bandanas are quite popular, also in your choice of American or Dixie flag themes. The ladies can even find a pair of hot shorts cutoffs with flag swatches sewn in at critical points.

Get together for a reenactment scene or a touch football game over a keg of beer with each side dressed in their choice of colors. The losing team pays for the keg and the winning team takes full ownership of Florida.

Sound like fun? Get over to the JC Western site and choose your favorite flag boots and apparel for your uniforms. No matter what color flag you choose for your team, just remember both team are all American red, white and blue.

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