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Florida Cracker Short Sleeve Black T-Shirt

When we introduced the white version of this T-shirt, we heard from quite a number of Crackers who said they would love to have a Florida Cracker Short Sleeve Black T-Shirt. We hear you.

What do you think of the black T we’re featuring on our Facebook timeline page? You can let let us know with a great big Facebook Like. We know that many of the guys love black not only because they look great in that color – but also because they love the fact that black doesn’t show beer stains or grease from their favorite Tex-Mex dish.

Whatever the reason, we think that every red blooded American male living in or near the state of Florida should own at least a couple of these winning designs. JC Western Wear makes it easy to select the right colors.

We only offer Florida Cracker Short Sleeve T-Shirt in Black or White. A man is defined by the clothes he wears and the company he keeps. We have the clothes and are the company where you can buy the best Florida Cracker apparel in the country. –The K-Man AMDG

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