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Florida Cracker Short Sleeve T-Shirts

For about twenty bucks, you can have yourself a Florida Cracker Rebel State Short Sleeve White T-Shirt. The back panel shows a picture of the state of Florida festooned with a rebel flag, under which it proudly proclaims that you are a Florida Cracker.

Florida Crackers are the predecessors of modern day rednecks – but if you have to ask what that’s all about, you shouldn’t have one of these T’s. If you are in fact, a Cracker, you are entitled to wear this shirt at all formal Cracker events, family reunions, weddings funerals, honky tonk bars and country western concerts.

You and your T shirt will become the center of attraction and a member of the South’s ruling class. You might even qualify for a long neck discount and an open invitation to mud wrestling events across the Cracker State of Florida.

So there you go guys (and gals), get your Florida Cracker Rebel State Short Sleeve White T-Shirt online or in person at JC Western Wear, a favorite place for stylin’ Cracker cowboys. How about a like on Facebook, y’all?

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