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Girls Levis 524 Skinny Jeans

Girls Levis 524 Skinny Jeans Are A Popular Jean

Here at JC Western Wear, we like to cater to our lady customers. We have a corral full of younger and older lady customers who like the look and fit of our western wear. The Girls Levis 524 Skinny Jeans are fast becoming favorites of the younger set. The gals love them because they feel good and fit just like they should. At least that’s what you all tell us. The way those skinny jeans have been flying off our shelves is unbelievable. Ever since we set up our website, our cowgirls and line dancing beauties have found an easy way to buy them, even though we miss you at the JC Western Wear shops in Jupiter and West Palm Beach.

In case you’re wondering what all the fuss is about. These jeans are indeed skinny. The legs are fashioned so that they have zippers around the ankle part of the jeans so that you can slip them on. They look like they were custom made just for you. They come in dark blue wash with faded and oven baked details. Some ladies wear the jeans zipped, other wear them unzipped. They look great either way. As soon as we get a shipment in, they’re gone in short notice. But don’t worry, we know how to get more. So gals, mosey on down and say hi, or visit us at

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