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Shady Brady Raffia Straw Hat

Shady Brady Raffia Straw Hat

Forget Mayberry. Forget the hat the scarecrow wore in Oz. This is the last straw (hat).

This straw hat from Shady Brady is one fine looking piece of headwear that any self respecting man will love to hang on his dome. It is made of a very durable raffia straw that will hold up to weather and abuse. We’re not saying you should do a hat-dance on it but they are truly tough and waterproof as well. How can a straw hat be waterproof and still keep its shape. We could tell you the secret but then we would have to kill you. That has never happened in our family’s almost sixty year history. So please, don’t ask.

view-item-nowYou can help this hat find a shape that works for you. With its twisted leather hat band and leather stampede string this is the perfect hat for cowboys in heat. It works for out of heat cowboys too. The tall vented crown and wide brim keep you in your own desert oasis.

Yes sir men, this hat is where it’s at, and you can save $5 when you order it online from JC Western Wear.

Grab your own Shady Brady Raffia Straw Hat now!

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