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Brinson James Rodeo Clown Loves JC Western Wear

Brinson James Rodeo Clown Loves JC Western Wear according to the latest on celebrity happenings on This amazing entertainer got an early start to fame by appearing with his revered dad, Hollywood Harris. Now, in his early twenties, Brinson holds his own in solo-rodeo-circuit-performances that take him all over the country. Brinson is following his motto, which is to “follow your dreams.” A camera crew caught-up with this young legend at one of South Florida’s popular country/western fashion shopping haunts. The humble owners were delightfully-surprised when Brinson raved about the fantastic inventory-selections sold at their exclusive dashing-look when working in front of large audiences. The talents of this longstanding, warm-up, performer results in a fun and energized atmosphere where the laughter is real.

This versatile entertainer regales audiences with superb rope-tricks, current jokes, engaging mood-setting music and hilarious physical stunts that include entrancing acrobats. Read current rodeo-geared posts on Facebook, started Access, to discover how much Brinson James, Rodeo Clown, Loves JC Western Wear clothing. Contact561-748-8801.

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