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Buy Women’s Levi® 518™ Junior Boot Cut – Simply Blue Jeans Online

Levi® 518™ Simply Blue Jeans

Cut and tailored to work perfectly for ladies who can wear either ladies or junior sizes, these western cut , 518s feature a boot cut, a 19.5” leg opening, while they measure 15.5” at the knee. These classic Levi Simply Blue jeans have 5-pocket styling, one pocket for everyday of the week except weekends, (groan).

view-item-nowWe queried the crew around here and determined that virtually everyone loves the copper rivets and the contrasting detailed color stitching on the back pocket. Someone around here suggested that with the price of copper on the increase, you might want to melt down the rivers in twenty or thirty years and cash it in on a new pair in 2042 or so. The consensus was that seventy five percent of our family members really “loved” the jeans and remaining twenty five percent of those queried said they really “liked” them. Our analysts are working on those results, right now.

These great jeans are offered by Levi’s through our family owned and operated JC Western Wear online store at special Internet only prices that will save you a few buckaroos out of your secret stash. If you like the color on the online illustration, be sure to order them in “simply blue.” You will love the way they fit, even thirty years from now when you melt down the rivets.

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