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Jason Aldine Tours USA This August – Check Out His Palm Straw Hat at JC Western Wear

Jason Aldine Tours USA This August

The unique artist Jason Aldean has a musical style that is hard to express adequately with mere words. Born Feb. 28, 1972, his real name is Jason Aldine Williams. He hails from Macon, Georgia, but is now living on a farm in Nashville, Tennessee with wife Jessica. His musical genre is often hard to pinpoint. Aldean intertwines his diverse musical interests into sensational songs that are unlike any other recording artist. He doesn’t simply sing about small town living. Aldeanweaves a storyline based on realities of life. His signature instrumentals round out each number with perfectly infused harmonies.

view-item-nowJason will be touring the United States this August. Check out his palm straw hat at JC Western Wear. Relive the memory of “Hicktown.” Kick back and listen to the strong lyrics of Aldean’s latest hit “Fly Over States.” This popular icon is all about individuality. Copy Jason’s look and make it your own. Customize your own distinctive wardrobe with great selections of fashionable Western wear at Stand up and be counted no matter where you live. Make your own individualized fashion statements by calling 561-748-8801. Kelly and Jason’s duet title “Don’t You Wanna Stay,” is the motto here.

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