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JC Western Wear 2015 Calendar Coming Soon!

Visit to get details on the, much-anticipated, JC Western Wear 2015 Calendar Coming Soon! Guys that admire Calendar Girls will not be disappointed by the chosen country cuties prominently featured throughout next year’s upcoming monthly pages. This maverick retailer has been busy serving their multitudes of warmly-welcomed customers since this business first opened their doors in the year 1954. Throughout the ensuing decades, this family-owned, country and western fashion retailer, has kept up with each year’s new styles. To this day, customers from around the world look to this store to provide the latest runway-trends that come out each season.

Always perceived as warm, down-to-earth and exceedingly hospitable, JC Western Wear is once again proving their hard work by continuing to supply fine, high-quality apparel, accessories and more. This calendar is filled with fabulous western fashion inventory items for 2015. Go now to to see the new cover-page on their sensational Facebook Page. Like the calendar photo, and reserve one by simply posting your name. The inspirational JC Western Wear 2015 Calendar is Coming Soon! Contact 561-748-8801 today.

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