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Jewelry by Zealandia Design

Ladies can pick a fascinating jewelry by Zealandia Design by checking into This jeweler creates beautiful pieces that have both an exotic look and a mystical character. Zealandia offers two mesmerizing Bee Pendants that are inspired by ancient Egyptian historical artwork. In that culture, bees were revered for being associated with important lifestyle rites including community, diligence and fertility. This hard working insect was seen as a symbol of the soul to this ancient people group. Not only are these accessory items inherently gorgeous, the intricately crafted sterling silver pendant depiction holds deep meaning. Choose the single captivating Bee necklace that is splendidly enhanced with amber, amethyst, mother of pearl and garnet gems.

Customers can also select the 4 Bee Pendant worked in a circular connecting pattern that features a glittering garnet center stone. Both enchanting pendants are fashioned from prehistoric mineralized or fossilized walrus tusk dating anywhere between 500 to 3,000 years old. Shop Facebook at or access for jewelry by Zealandia Design. Call 561-748-8801.

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