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John Deere Wellington For Women

Women’s John Deere Wellington

There was a time when John Deere and women would rarely be seen in the same sentence. That has all changed, as women have found work opportunities in many areas formerly designated “men only.” John Deere recognized that trend and has dedicated an entire collection of work boots to the working female. They call the collection the John Deere “Women’s Series.” The Wellington Boot is a popular part of the series. In fact, the company offers several versions of this top seller.

view-item-nowWomen seem to love the variety of designs available on the shafts of these all leather Wellis. Each design adds a distinctive look to these very functional boots. They all have a moisture wicking linings, tempered steel shanks and wrapped cushion insoles to go along with their Goodyear heavy duty welts and high abrasion “digger” outsoles. These boots were meant for working, but what’s wrong with looking good while you go about your job?

If safety is a concern, John Deere also offers Wellingtons with steel safety toes. So ladies, why not get to work on getting a pair of John Deere Wellingtons. They are available at special prices at the JC Western Wear online store, and are ready to ship in 1-2 days.



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