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Buy Men’s Justin Boots Style # 2680 – Tan Distressed Vintage Goat Online

Men’s Justin Boots Style # 2680 – Tan Distressed Vintage Goat

These #2680 boots are no frill, very practical work boots from Justin. They are made of distressed vintage goat skin. You would probably be distressed too if you knew you would be reborn as a boot. But then again, everything would probably be OK if you knew your reincarnation would come as a Justin boot.

view-item-nowThese boots are actually quite attractive. They have a wide square toe and feature a single stitched welt that adds just enough interest to keep these boots masculine and interesting. Sizes may be limited as the online pricing from JC Western Wear is quite aggressive. You can save $50 on a pair of these “Made in America” Classic cowboy boots.

There is nothing about the boots you won’t like. The 13″ uppers and the long based cowboy heel make them the real thing. By the way, even though Justin classifies these boots as workboots, you can wear them anywhere. The only suggestion we have, as far as where you might wear them, is to make sure you scrape the bottoms good before you head off to a social gathering.

Limited sizes are available and the pricing shown here is valid only for our online customers.

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