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Men’s Justin Original 10” Pull-On Work Boot

OK men, the festive party season is coming to an end. It’s time to face the reality of the New Year. Now you have to get to work and pay off all those great gifts you bought. There’s no better way to head off to the mines than in your new Men’s Justin Original 10” Pull-On Work Boot.

Seriously guys, whether you are into work mode or play mode, these American made, dutifully tough, manly manifestations of masculine functionality and outright style are boots that will make things happen.

They are multi purpose boots which offer strength, protection and comfort all rolled into one creative and quite comfortable mass of leather. These Men’s Justin Original 10” Pull-On Work Boots combine to present classic looks in an easy to wear boot.

That comfort can be traced to the double comfort system exclusive to Justin. But comfort alone does not make for a good pair of boots if the style is buck ugly. That is certainly not the case here. You will find that these slip on boots are attractive in a cute ugly manner so to speak. Unpretentious but solid and built to withstand the rigors of life as guys live it in this day an age.

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