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Shop Justin Bent Rail Camo Men’s Sandals Online

Justin Bent Rail Camo Men’s Sandals

It’s not just about the boots. Cowboys and outdoorsmen sometimes need to hang ten in their relaxing men’s camo sandal. The sandals are made to last for years of traipsing from one restful shady spot to another. These sandals are perfect for doing just that. The upper part of the sandal is made from genuine leather, as is the foot bed. In time the sandals mold itself into the shape of your footprint for an even more comfortable fit.

view-item-nowThe top strap is done in a camo print, but the real highlight is the see-through outsole that features a color representation of the built in Justin logo and an exotic print. Every time you squish an insect on the beach or on the walkway, the bug’s last memory will be that dramatic logo and pattern. What a way to go.

You can buy these sandals online at a special price. Our crew is standing at the ready waiting to see which of them will get to your order first. It’s a friendly, family competition kind of thing that goes on around here. At this point in time, we still have a wide selection of sizes ready to ship. Check the availability. Then, place your order and park yourself by the mailbox for a couple of days. Before you can say, they will arrive. Wasn’t that easy?

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