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Lane Faded Glory Boots

Discover the most fashionable display of patriotism ever brought to market. You can find these Women’s Lane Boots – Faded Glory at JC’s fabulous website. You’ll find the elegant Mexican made leather representation of old glory done in fine leather. The effect is unique and bold in a subtle fashion.

The upper portion of the shaft holds an arrangement of stars on a faded blue background, while the stripes are brought into play by a a visually attractive arrangement of diagonally placed faded red stripes over a light brown leather backdrop. Those subtle red stripes are arranged across the foot and shaft, beginning just below the field of stars. The resulting boots are a testimony to Mexican leather craftsmanship.

The overall design technique is done in a manner rarely, if ever attempted. The zebra pattern placement of the stripes will certainly draw attention to your every step. With the addition of their handsome snip toes and turquoise soles, you can be the belle of the ball and queen for any day you wear your Lane Faded Glory women’s boots.

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