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Laredo Cross Point Leather Boots

Don’t even waste your time looking at these incredible Laredo Cross Point Leather Boots. It has to b a misprint. No way can anyone expet to get a pair of boots these fancy and cool for like, $136 bucks.

Who do these folks think they are fooling with? We are way too smart to fall for that old bait and switch tactic. There’s no way these boots shouldn’t be selling for 4 or 5 hundred bucks or so. What nerve.

Hold on a second while I take this phone call. UhOh, am i ever in trouble. I just got my butt chewed by the entire JCWestern family. They told me in no uncertain terms that these terrific boots were indeed only $136.

They said that not only are these burnt rust leather boots only $136, JC will ship them directly to your doorstep or down your chimney for no extra cost.

So ladies, I stand before you with a full apology on my lips and swear on my dog’s good name that I was wrong and like always JC was right.

I am heading over to hand in my resignation right now. It’s been fun.

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