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Men’s Laredo Road King Leather Boot

Look closely at the description of these Men’s Laredo Boots. These are named Road KING not Road Kill. Now that we have your attention, check out the features.

The foot on the Road King is made of unique Crazyhorse dirty brown leather, apparently from a rare breed of mustang that once roamed the plains of New Hampshire. Just think, you can start off with a pair of boots that have been expertly pre- dirtie of New Hampshired so that you won’t look like a wonk when you step out with the boys.

The shaft is a mossy oak pattern that doubles as a contemporary camo style. Best of all, you will find these boots uncommonly comfortable because of their hinged cushion insole and rubber outsole.

The price is certainly within the range of most cowpokes and others who like the looks of western boots. To make these Road Kill – oops, Road King bootseven more appealing, JC has knocked a few bucks off the price.

Get yours now and be a trend-setter.

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