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Women’s Laredo Cross Point Leather Boot

An intriguing bargain, offered by, is diverting enlightening attention to an arresting Women’s Laredo Cross Point Leather Bootitem. This layered snappy, burnt-rust tinged selection blends a rich black color to create a beautiful leather that has a vintage look. Pointed toes and popular 1 1/2″ cowboy heels give these boots gorgeously refined flavor, making this footwear an acceptable choice for special occasion wear. Eye-catching inlay crosses create a dramatic effect. Sassy stitching details define this boot’s phenomenal artistic touches. Seemingly random studs are in reality strategically placed to set-off the luxurious design elements. This style is designed for ladies that have a penchant for elegant things meant to be comfortably worn. 

An awful lot of creativity goes into the making of this alluring Laredo western boot model. Pennsylvania gals will be sorely tempted to buy this decorative fashion. To find and order this option that also boasts tantalizing wingtips, log onto soon. An extraordinarily pretty Women’s Laredo Cross Point Leather Boot is available at a sensible price. Contact 561-748-8801.

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