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Larry The Cable Guy Wears Camoflauge

Larry The Cable Guy Wears Camo – Grab Yours at JC Western Wear Today!

The famous line “Get ‘er done” built one ordinary man a successful comedy act. Larry the Cable Guy wears Camo – Grab yours at JC Western Wear Today! The persona of Larry was invented by Daniel Lawrence Whitney. This 49 year old celebrity grew up raising pigs on a farm. He understands blue collar work and once worked as a bellhop. Larry The Cable Guy prefers redneck comfortable styled clothing. The comedy act strikes a chord with people from all over. “Larry” and his family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida in 1979. The fame he enjoys today all began on a dare. The rest is history.

view-item-nowLike Larry, JC Western Wear is proud of their hat collection. Try on in a Camo baseball style for a true Country look. This well respected store sells attire that would fit Larry to a T. Let loose and get downright comfortable this season. This home spun look is hot! Consumers can shop at their own slowed down pace at There are quick selling items that are available on a working man’s budget. Practice your Southern drawl, pick up some cozy duds and create your own persona that is as real as Larry has become. Camo works for Larry The Cable Guy. Get some for yourself from JC Western Wear before they are gone! Contact561-748-8801.

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