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Men’s Levi’s 501® Jeans For A Father’s Day Gift

If you been getting all stressed out trying to come up with a father’s day gift, JC Western came through for you with a gift idea that is just perfect for dear old dad. It’s a gift that almost any dad will love to get and one you will enjoy giving as well.

JC Western has a special offer on world class Men’s Levi’s 501® Jeans For A Father’s Day Gift. They’re available right now. It’s not just a trifle of a sale. It’s a HUGE sale that will leave an extra $19 in your saddlebag. You have to admit – it’s a nice hunk of cash that you can surely be put to better use.

These are original Levi’s, with the tough rivets at stress points and hardy metal buttons instead of zippers at the fly. The big difference between these 501s and the 501s that won the west a century ago are the colors that are available today.

Seriously, Pop has choices in 2015. He can own any and all of the colors Levi’s offers including:
Medium Stonewash
Optic White
Timber Wolf

At about 45 bucks a pair, you can give your favorite guy something he will be sure to appreciate.

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