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Men’s Levi’s 511® Slim Fit Jeans – Black Stretch

It’s quite amazing what just a tiny bit of spandex can do for a pair of jeans. Levi’s added a trifle bit, less than 2 percent actually, of that magic substance to their Men’s Levi’s 511® Slim Fit Jeans – Black Stretch Look how fine they turned out.

A lot of men who tried them now swear that they are the best wearing jeans they ever owned just because that teeny bit of spandex gave their jeans a fit that’s snugger, sexier and more comfortable than regular jeans, That miracle ingredient allows their Levi’s to move with a guy then return to their original just washed appearance.

The truth is, guys like to show off their cute butts just as much as women. Don’t blush men. You know it;s true. So every time you slip into your Men’s Levi’s 511® Slim Fit Jeans -Black Stretch, you set off a chain reaction among the gals who are into admiring a guy’s finer ass-tributes. All of which come together nicely with the below the waist tailoring and slim fitting tapered legs.

You absolutely gotta have a pair or two in your wardrobe. Go get em guys at the cowboy superstore: JC Western Wear.

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