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Men’s Levi’s Jeans In Colors

Men’s Levi’s Jeans 514® Slim Sraight Fit-Available in 4 colors

Choose your color: Indigo Wash, Bright White, 3D or Overhaul. This popular 514 model can be the jeans that look and feel best on you. These popular Levi’s feature a “Slim Straight Fit” that is perfect for body types with those same characteristics. If you fall into that classification, Levi’s 514 will be a perfect fit. They will accentuated your tall lean look.

view-item-nowLevi’s took into account the various body shapes and preferences of their customers. That’s why they offer so many styles. We’re all different. That’s also why blue jeans have evolved into 50 shades of blue and other hues. While indigo may look good on you, 3D may be much better suited for others.

All of us at JC Western Wear do in fact wear Levi’s around the store, as well as for activities away from our business. There was a time when most us could fit nicely into a great pair of slims. That was then, and the truth is that now, as our ages and pounds increase, it’s good to know that there are other styles of Levi’s jeans that fit perfectly.

Right now guys, if you buy your 514 Levi’s online at JC Western Wear, you can save $17 on every pair. It doesn’t get much better.

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