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Mens Levi Jeans 501

Mens Levi 501® Original Fit Jeans

Hey guys. This is without a doubt the “mother of all” Levi sales. You can lasso a pair or more of original 501 Levi’s for $19 off the regular price. No that is not a misprint. It’s almost a 20 dollar bill off the regular price. Choose from the four available colors. In fact choose all four and we’ll pay the shipping charges. Grandpa is looking down from Western Wear heaven thinking we all lost our minds with prices like this. He should know we lost our minds years ago. Actually gramps, your grandson added too many zeros on his purchase order to Levi’s. If we don’t sell these jeans, our holiday bonuses may be slim or none existant.

view-item-nowThese original Levi’s feature a button fly and button waist closure. They fit like Levi’s always have. Nothing has changed. If you liked them before, you will like them now, perhaps even more at the sale price. To make it easy for all of you, the special price is available only online from our easy to use site. Help grandson see another Christmas. Help us earn a bonus.

Get your own Mens Levi Jeans 501 now!

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