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Shop Women’s Levis® 524™ Jeans Online

Women’s Levis® 524™ Junior Straight Cut – Available in 2 colors

Ladies and Juniors appreciate the cut of these 524 Levi’s. Sometimes a lady just needs to breath a bit easier, and these terrific looking jeans give a woman all the breathing room she needs. The cut retains a form fitting look, that when combined with the 5 pocket Levi stylegives all you might expect in a great pair of jeans.

view-item-nowThe colors are authentic Levi-esque shades of blue. Global Travel is slightly lighter than Simply Blue, but whatever shade you choose will look great with all your accessories. If you were to choose only one style of Levi’s to add to your wardrobe, the universal appeal of the 524s make them the right choice.

We suggest that you take advantage of our special pricing at the JC Western Wear online site. You can save $9. Buy a pair of these straight cut Levi’s in each shade of blue so you don’t have to make a decision. They will always be in vogue and always be ready to head out with you, no matter where you’re off to.

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