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Shop Eddy Bros. Little Joe Wool Felt Gambler Style Hat Online

Eddy Bros. Little Joe Wool Felt Gambler Style Hat

Certainly you must have, at one time in your life, seen an episode or a hundred of the classic TV western series “Bonanza,” where you surely saw this terrific hat popularized by the youngest family member, “Little Joe.” Well, Little Joe was just too clean cut to wear a Vegas/Gambler Style hat like this wide brimmed felt classic.

view-item-nowBut, gamblers cared not for Little Joe’s reputation, it was his hat they liked. They liked it because it had a 3 ½ brim that they could pull down over their eyes so opponents couldn’t read what they were planning. It also protected their blood shot eyes from bright sun rays after a full night of poker. That is how the current version of this hat got to be called the “Little Joe,” Vegas Gambler hat.

If you believe that story, buy the hat. If you don’t believe it, buy the hat. That’s what we at JC Western Wear call a win-win situation for us. The truth is that all bull aside, you can’t lose. This hat that will look good and last for ages. You don’t need to gamble on that one bit. We stock it in black online. If you prefer a brown version, call us. We will work it out.

Grab your own Eddy Bros. Little Joe Wool Felt Gambler Style Hat today!

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