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1883 Lucchese Boots

Lucchese Boot Company 1883

When Sam Lucchese came to this country, he had a vision. Armed with his unique and studied knowledge of the anatomy and workings of the human foot and expertise in leather, he set out in 1883, to design and manufacture a remarkably comfortable boot.

view-item-nowThat concept has continued through the present time. The Lucchese Boot Company still utilizes the original 1883 design to make certain that Mr. Lucchese’s comfort standards are met. Lucchese boots take more time to cut and form. Other boot makers prefer not to put the extra effort into their offerings. The tradition continues and the high quality of the nearly perfect leather and other materials has remained constant.

Lucchese has yet to find a suitable substitute for the human skills that go into every pair of their boots. Even those few processes that involve machines are followed by a human procedures. The results are boots that are more comfortable than any others on the scene. That will become very evident the first time you try on your Lucchese western boot.

Yes, Lucchese boots cost more. By the same token, they give back much more in comfort, style and fit. JC Western Wear is proud to be a leading retailer of Lucchese boots.

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