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Men’s Lucchese 1883 Hornback Caiman Tail Tan Style # N1115

Men’s Lucchese 1883 Hornback Caiman Tail Tan Style # N1115

At first, we thought that caiman referred to the islands where one of our presidential candidates purportedly stashes his money. It just goes to show you how much we know about politics. One of our smarter than we like to admit relatives finally told us that a caiman is in fact a member of the reptilian branch of critters and a close relative to our native Florida alligators. The Hornback caiman is known for its unusual hide pattern, a favorite of folks who like that sort of leather.

view-item-nowHere at the store, we would just as soon give you a free live alligator we Floridians are up to our “you know what” in gators. A caiman, on the other hand, is native to Central America. The Lucchese boots are made of the much tougher, bone hard, horn-like top surface of the caiman tail, whereas the softer underside is used for most products.

These handcrafted Lucchese boots are made in the tradition of those made in 1883 when the company was founded. While the caiman skins are imported, the boots are made right here in the states. The burnished tan, hornback leather is so detailed and lifelike that the boots seem ready jump out and take a bite with their attractive snip toes. You can clearly see and feel the ridges. These boots are the ultimate in cool.

Grab your own Lucchese 1883 Hornback Caiman now!

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