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Shop Men’s Lucchese 1883 Black Cordova Calf – J Toe Online

Men’s Lucchese 1883 Black Cordova Calf – J Toe

OK Cow-poke-eroos It’s back to boot camp. All of us at JC Western Wear just completed the course, and we are now qualified to be recognized as expert boot shoe-ers. The first lesson we learned was the various toe shapes and styles that Lucchese offers. So now we can share with you the definition of a J Toe as found on these popular Men’s Lucchese 1883 Black Cordova Calf – J Toe boots.

view-item-nowWe have to admit that even after decades of selling western boots, we still had a lot to learn. Some of us might never know it all. We don’t mean to mention any names, but cousin Billy Bob thought that a J Toe was what you got when you get caught jaywalking.

Alas and alack my hearties, that’s not the way it is, not even close. Can you handle the truth about J Toes? Well, just take a good close up look at the sharply pointed toes of these classic 1883 Lucchese boots. That is exactly what Lucchese calls a J Toe. The point they make is exactly the point we are speaking about. Where they came up with the J in their description is apparently a family secret. Someone said it was named after son number 8, Jasper.

Whatever the reason, the J Toe adds a touch of elegance to these well styled western boots. If you are not happy with the J style, take a look at the various other toe styles you can find under the technical specifications tab in the boot description tab.

Get Lucchese 1883 Black Cordova Calf – J Toe boots now while they are on sale online.

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