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Men’s Lucchese J Toe N1119J

Men’s Lucchese 1883 ostrich Leg Chocolate- J Toe N1119J

If you are the kind of guy who likes unique and unusual things, you will love these handsome, chocolate brown, 1883 Ostrich Leg boots N1119J. The combination of leathers makes for an interesting and very handsome boot, sure to draw admiring gazes from everyone.

view-item-nowSomehow, by the power of genetic engineering, or was it expert leather craftsmanship(?), the skin of a goat, and that of an ostrich were combined to create boots fit for a cowboy king. You can see the incredible leather detail of ostrich skin on the vamp part of the boot, while ol’ Billy shows his all with his own skin show on the shaft. To complete the look, elaborate stitching on the shaft has been added.

There is no doubt that these are world class boot, made for those who can appreciate the fine leather and quality of the workmanship. You might be more apt to see these on a high-end Dallas attorney then on a happy go lucky cowpoke. But at JC Western Wear, we think that if you can afford them, you can own a pair — no matter what your chosen profession. If your Lucchese boots fit, wear them.

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