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Wellington Polo After Wear

Women’s Lucchese Polo Lieutenant Boots Black

Here at JC Western Wear, we all lean more towards rodeo then polo, so none of us have personally indulged in the “Sport of Kings.” We did go so far as to research our family’s ancestry and found not one drop of royal blood in the family. However we did determine that you didn’t need to be a Tom Brady to write about football. So we did our homework and here is what we came up with about the Lucchese Polo Lieutenant Boots.

view-item-nowThey are really good looking boots for starters. Secondly, you don’t play polo in them. You wear them “apres polo”. Armed with that basic info, we sure are glad we didn’t mount our polo pony wearing them.

The Lieutenant boots were modeled after a military style of centuries long gone. The leather is a soft calf that is shown here in black. They feature functional buckles that are a silver tone, which allow the boots to be adjusted to fit perfectly along the entire length of the calves. The toe and flat heel type are done in the popular Roper style which adds a measure of comfort to the boot.

This is a limited production boot from Lucchese. JC Western Wear does stock a limited number of size 8.5 -B boots. Other sizes can be made for you in 6 to 10 weeks. It takes time to hand make a quality boot. We can assure you that it will be worth the wait. Call 561-748-8801 for more details.

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