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Shop Men’s Caterpillar Second Shift 6

Men’s Caterpillar Second Shift 6

The working man who wants a classic design will like the Men’s Caterpillar Second Shift 6. This honey colored footwear is great for all styles of work. The quality construction is suburb. People can choose between a soft or steel toe for versatile style. The boot is crafted with oil full grain leather. Individuals can also choose from nubuck or a pull up leather style. Rubber midsole, and anti-slip soles will make working safer. These boots are constructed with Goodyear welt. This model is perfect for working in many different environments. They show you are professional and care about small details.

view-item-nowCaterpillar Second Shift 6 can be purchased from JC Western. This family owned company really know about boots. This business was founded 58 years ago to help all varieties of working individuals. The company still stands behind their commitment to providing the best boots possible. You will feel right at home at one of the two store branch locations situated in the Florida region.

The legacy of customer satisfaction lives on at People can select male designed Caterpillar Second Shift 6 by browsing through this online store. Well known individuals endorse these products. Call 561.748.8801 to inquire about products or orders. Find true quality here.

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