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Men’s Dakota Cologne

Men’s Dakota Cologne After a full day on the high plains of the Dakotas, a guy can easily pick up the distinctive aroma of buffalo chips that permeates the air. Thats when you wished you had dabbed a few drops of your men’s Dakota cologne behind your ears, neck and under your nose.

That distinctively manly scent will invigorate you and assure you that when you step into the saloon after a day’s work, the cowboys and cabaret ladies won’t turn up their noses at you.

The Dakotas are the place where the Indians cut George Custer’s long, shiny golden locks of hair a bit too short that fateful day almost 150 years ago. Sitting Bull probably wouldn’t have picked up Custer’s disgusting buffalo scent if he and his troops had dabbed themselves with their Dakota Cologne.

But they didn’t and the story of Custer’s last Stand is history, replaced by a chain of DQ frozen custard shops that cover the country. Is this a true story? Who knows for certain, and who cares. But if you thinkthere might be an inkling of truth to the story, don’t take chances with your scalp. Buy a bottle of Men’s Dakota Cologne today. Get another for your horse.

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