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Minnetonka Fringe Boots

With three layers of fringe layered across the shaft of these attractive, soft suede Minnetonka fringe boots you can slip into a pair and dance around the campfire all night long and be comfortable as a papoose at a pow wow while you’re at it.

Pick out an appropriate tribal color from the selection of Brown, Black, Dusty Brown or Grey Suede and slip into your dazzling Indian style boots. Then head out into unknown territory, where you can shake and shimmy your boots and your booty to the beat of tribal drums or inner city rap.

There’s something about the free wheeling fringe that brings out your animal instincts after a week of 5” spike heels. You and your feet are clamoring for a chance to ditch the heels and climb into your favorite weekend footwear.

Wear them with shorts, skirts, jeans or just your imagination. The possibilities are unlimited.If you’re wondering where to get a pair of Minnetonka Fringe Boots, wonder no more. Just wander over to JC Western Wear’s online shop or come see us in person. Bring wampum.

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