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Minnetonka Fringe Boots

Minnetonka Fringe Boots have been called a lot of different names from their earliest days of existence. One of our favorites is the Hoochie Coochie boot. They got that name largely because of the way they shimmy, shake and fascinate with every move. These boots have a mesmerizing effect on anyone who wears them.

There must be something magic in the tiers of dancing leather fringe that inspires women to let go and shimmy shake, twist, turn and set the floor on fire with bold moves that turn heads and inspire emotions.If you think we’re exaggerating, watch what happens when you slip into your Minnetonka Fringe Boots. You’ll see it when you head out for a night of fun and fantasy. Experience the magic as your feet make moves you never thought possible. It will be a weird, wild and wonderful experience. Make sure you buckle up bolster yourself for the rush you are about to experience.

And after a night of dancing on the ceiling, your boots will leave your feet feeling happy and ready to go whenever you’re ready.

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