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Miss Me Black Sequined Hi-Lo Lace Dress

Get the amazingly-refined Miss Me Black Sequined Hi-Lo Lace Dress, from, and exalt in the splendor of the included details. The opulent delicacy of the lace, contrasts beautifully with the vibrancy of the angled, and, movement-enhanced, skirt panels. This well-built dress includes three varying layers of top-notch quality fabrics. The front view presents onlookers with gleaming bursts of a seemly sequined design, a fashionably-sleeveless bare-armed style and a neck and bodice flattering V-cut neckline. Ladies can forget about perspiring, as this fully-lined outfit boasts an inner layer, constructed of moisture absorbent 70% cotton. The loveliness of this dress model is cover-girl inspired.

This riveting black dress is easily maintainable, with a gentle, cold water machine-wash. This is awesome for busy gals always on the go. Priced at just $74.00, this memorable item is worth much more. Females can bewitch their special man, by wearing this sweetly-seductive apparel on this upcoming Valentine’s Day. See three views of this flawless Miss Me Black Sequined Hi-Lo Lace Dress by following‘s, full of stylish fashions, Facebook link, ordering alternative. Contact 561-748-8801.

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