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Miss Me Black Sequined Hi-Lo Lace Dress

Like a spontaneous combustion, the new featured item is an explosively-popular Miss Me Black Sequined Hi-Lo Lace Dress, offered at only $74.00. Rock your New Year, by resolving to find the best black dress ever. This dress has an elegant feel that is noticeable by others. The fitted top looks stunning above billowy drapes of fabric and ornamental lace, accenting the wearer with an edgy silhouette. Attention is drawn to the sequined bodice design, as eyes wander down the V-neckline. This model is lined with high-quality fabric, and care is simple. This gorgeous dress may be tossed in the washer.

Ladies that have never seen a dress crafted by Miss Me will be astonished by the extravagant detailing. This garment will be the envy of many. Women can be sweet or sultry wearing this diverse style option. This dress flatters from all angles. Keep your boring dresses in the closet. Shop today, for your special holiday ensemble, via Facebook on Catch this irresistible Miss Me Black Sequined Hi-Lo Dress deal before it is too late. Contact 561-748-8801.

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