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Miss Me Rodeo Boot Cut Jeans

Miss Me Rodeo Horseshoe Boot Cut Jean

Miss Me has outdone themselves on the design of the pocket details on these stylish bootcut Rodeo Horseshoe jeans. Check out the details and the materials used to outfit these attractive jeans with the most unique pockets in the category.

How’s this for a recipe for success? Add a measure of cow hair and a leather horseshoe to a measured and balanced quantity of rhinestones and studs. Voila, there you have it, the most unique, handcrafted back pocket ever created for a pair of jeans. The overall effect gives these jeans their name. For added measure, Miss Me added thick white stitching with a hint of fraying on the trim.

So how are we doing so far cowgirls? JC Western Wear is pleased to offer these stylish jeans to our fashion conscious customers. We have priced them attractively and will ship them directly to you at no charge when you order online.

Don’t miss out on a great value on a great pair of jeans from Miss Me, the jeans for classy cowgirls with or without a horse of their own.

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