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Shop Men’s Justin Break Up Mossy Oak Tri Fold Wallet Online

Men’s Justin Break Up Mossy Oak Tri Fold Wallet

Justin has created a highly unusual trifold wallet. It is a natural looking leather piece trimmed in a mossy oak faux finish that says that this piece and all its contents belong to Father. Nature. It is a perfect piece of functional camouflage gear that can hide your money in what appears to be a leaf. Who would think of picking your pocket and risk imprisonment for stealing a pile of leaves, mossy ones at that? What a brilliant anti theft wallet from Justin.

view-item-nowThis tri fold has just enough compartments to hold a sufficient number of tree and deer photos, Cabella credit cards and few other essentials. It is not built to hold essential survival gear because packing it with knives, compasses, matches and the like will leave a noticeable unflattering bulge in your back pocket. But as we’ve said, this mossy oak tri fold wallet will hold enough essentials to help identify yourself when a ranger stops you or to hold your valid fishing license. It can also hold enough of your personal papers to help identify you after they find you wandering lost in the forest.

This is a perfect gift for any outdoorsman or the perfect gift for the outdoorsman who has no one who will buy him a gift. The price is right, as is the quality. Order your wallet online from JC Western Wear.

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