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Men’s Old Gringo Whit Stitch Pull-On Boot

Awesome. What else can you say about the latest Men’s Old Gringo Whit Stitch Pull-On Boot design? Everything about these pull on western boots is dramatically different than anything you have seen before thanks to this wild design breakthrough from the leather crafters at Old Gringo.

The hand done whit stitch pattern lays out beautifully against the distressed mustard and brown variation of hues to create a rare combination of sass and flash that will take everyone aback when they take their first glimpse of your totally bodacious Old Gringo creations.

These are not the boots for every guy. It takers a special breed to even think about owning a pair of these Men’s Old Gringo Whit Stitch Pull-On Boot. But if you feel up to it, go for it. Attitude counts for a lot. You can find your new Old Gringo’s online at the store known to be the leader in western styles for men, JC Western,

Upper: 13″ Distressed Brown
Vamp: Distressed Brown/Mustard
Toe: J Toe | Heel: 1 3/4″
Color: Distressed Brown/Mustard *Leather Shades May Vary*
Sizes: D (7-12)
See Available

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