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Women’s Old Gringo Golondrina Pull-On Boot

Golondrina is the Spanish word for swallow. These beautiful birds are prevalent during the spring and summer months but move along further south during the winter month. The word brings to mind an old Spanish poem that goes:“Una golondrina no vuela sólo en primavera” which translates to: “a swallow doesn’t just fly in spring.” And so it is with these new Women’s Old Gringo Golondrina Pull-On Boots.

The inlaid bird, flower and heart design on the shaft and collar are perfect decorations for spring and can carry you all through the summer months. But there is no reason why you can’t wear these fanciful Golondrina boots all year long if you so choose

Inspired by the undulating flight of the beautiful swallows that soar through the skies every year, you can grace the paths and trails wearing a truly inspirational pair of boots that are a perfect match for the seasons ahead. Old Gringo craftsmen have kept the tradition alive for over a century.

There seems to be no end to the creativeness of Old Gringo bootmakers. Golondrina Boots are a perfect example. The perfect blend of brown and mustard colored leather and the delicate bird, flower and hearts make these boots something to appreciate every time you slip into them. Follow the swallows south and get your Old Gringo Golondrina boots at JC Western.

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