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Shop Resistol’s Silver Eagle Color: Chestnut Online

Resistol’s Silver Eagle Color: Chestnut

If there was ever a true, no nonsense, 100% authentic cowboy hat, the Resistol Silver Eagle would be the one. This chestnut colored hat is a no nonsense version of the hats genuine cowboys wore a century or more ago. The distinctive shape and dimensions of its rim and brim have been faithfully reproduced to match up with the exact hats worn when the west was worth winning.

view-item-nowYears ago, trappers made a living by trapping beavers for the hat trade. Some say that if it weren’t for beaver, the frontiers would still remain desolate and unsettled. Well, Resistol apparently found a limited source for legally certified beaver furs so that they could manufacture a small number of these excellent hats. We know that you would probably like to get a hold of one of these classic chestnut beaver fur chapeaus. Because production is limited, these hats are made to order so it may take 4 to 6 weeks to get one in. Trust us when we tell you that it will be worth the wait.

The Resistol Silver Eagle hats are available in sizes from 6 ¾ to 7 ¾ in a long oval style so that men and women alike can own one. Zero in on a close up view on the JC Western Wear website. You can get a better idea of the quality that goes into each and every hat.

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