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Men’s Roar “Ferdinand” Shirt

This is the shirt the guys are talking about this season. It’s the boldest baddest design to hit the market in the last 100 years. What we’re talking about is the Men’s Roar “Ferdinand” Western long sheet shirt.

The most common response we hear from the guys is “I gotta have one.” The ladies say, “you gotta have one.” Everyone is in agreement that this is the shirt of the century.

So what’s so special about this shirt. Just get up close to one and you can see the incredible tribal designs stitched on the front above the pockets. The white stitching stands out boldly against the deep blue color of the shirt. But the real highlight is the large tribal design across the back that adds tons of appeal to a shirt that will be a classic for years.

The fit of the stretch material and the graphics combine nicely on this extraordinary Men’s Roar “Ferdinand” Western Long Sleeve Shirt. Get one before they’re all gone at the JC Western Wear Cowboy Superstore, the store where cowboys and superstars shop.

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