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Roper Lone Star Boots

Perfect boots for proud Texans or any guy who is proud of his red, white and blue American heritage, these showy red, white and blue coloredRoper Lone Star Boots say it all, with a hearty Yipee-Ki-O-Ki-Ay and a big lone star embossed on them. That’s cowboy talk for “holy cow, I am so excited.” These authentic full grained leather boots not only look good, they’re as comfortable as all get out.

Some guys will choose to wear their Lone Stars only for special occasions or for when they just sit around with the boys sippin’ on a different kind of Lone Star, a tall cold one. Others will wear them at all times — at work or at play, probably until their last days, especially if you’re the kind of cowboy who wants to die with your boots on. Relax, you’ll have plenty of years before that happens.

How and when you wear your boots is entirely up to you so long as you enjoy wearing them. Be a star in the Lone Star State or anyplace you wander. The time to begin that journey is now. Why not drift over to the JC Western Web site and ask the folks to ship you a pair of Roper Lone Star Boots via Pony Express.

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