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Roper Rebel Flag Boots

Hot off the presses from, get enviable, and ideal for celebrating Veteran’s Day, Roper Rebel Flag Boots at slashed price tags. Three hot models are up for grabs. There are intriguing men’s and women’s, perfectly matched, western-themed footwear options, available to make a stunning couple’s entrance. Guys can decide between two amazingly detailed selections. Roper is known, around the world, for their boot-crafting skills. Lemon-wood-pegs are expertly placed to add superior strength. This manufacturer also adds in a reliable nailed leather sole. The fetching Rebel Flag design remains a favorite trend in many parts of the U.S.A. Check this inspirational promotion out soon.

JC Western Wear listens when their customers ask for more variety in patriotic boots and apparel. This featured offer will bring smiles to many faces. All of these sensational, three choices boasts uniquely distressed and fabulous leather hues. These boots offer two snappy toe styles paired with either stacked or walking heels. The entire design makes for a flattering image. Southern pride is climbing higher, as evidenced by these tantalizing Roper Rebel Flag Boots. Contact 561-748-8801.

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