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Salt Life “Camo Life” T-Shirt

Salt life Camo Life T shirt is the perfect shirt for folks who like to lead their lives incognito, moving about in the shadows so well camouflaged that no one can see what they’re up to.

You can hunt, fish carry on and no one will ever see you in your camo. After a full day in the wild you can head over to your favorite watering hole and act like a fool all night. Guess what? No one will see you. Sounds like the perfect outfit for some people.

These Salt Life Camo Tee shirts are the original Stealth Bombers.. Do whatever you care to do and never be discovered. But we must warn you about one important design flaw. If you plan on doing any or all of the aforementioned items, don’t do them in the north after a heavy snow.

Salt LifeCamp doesn’t work well in the snow. Try Snow Life. Get your Salt life products at JC Western Wear. But be aware that you must be a person of sound mind and good judgement before you can buy one.

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