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“HE LOVES ME HE LOVES ME NOT” Short Sleeve White Pocket T

Short Sleeve White Pocket T

HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT”? Southern gals like to ask that question even when they know the answer. Here is a good way to keep everyone guessing. Wear the question for everyone to see and you might be surprised at some of the responses you get.

view-item-nowThese exquisitely styled white Ts come with a pocket and are sized to fit a woman’s form. The Dixie flag emblem has been attractively styled so that women north of the Mason-Dixon line might have a hard time explaining why they are wearing this amazing piece of southern history. Sizes run from small all the way through XXL to accommodate Dixie girls in all denominations.

Who knows, perhaps one day when you are wearing your Dixie T, that asks if “He loves me, or loves me not”, a certain “he” might just admit that he in fact, does. Most of the women in our family think these shirts will be big seller. The guys tend to agree. In all our years as a family run business, it’s rare that both sexes agree so unanimously. What that means is that we probably didn’t order enough merchandise; so get your Ts on order quick. Order online at

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